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Post 1  Tulsa, Oklahoma




CHARTER DATE: June 16, 1919

POST NAMESAKE: Carson-Wilson-Rigney-Forrester-Shoemaker American Legion Post 1. Biographies of American Legion Post 1 Namesakes * * * * * * * * * * *.. Read more »


WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: Carson-Wilson-Rigney-Forrester-Shoemaker American Legion Post 1 in Tulsa is the oldest in Oklahoma. More importantly, it is the oldest continually active American Legion post in the country.

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1910  1920  

On May 21, 1919 Tulsa members of The American Legion gathered to organize a post. These quotes from the Tulsa World article published on the morning of Wednesday, May 22, 1919 tell the story: "Many service men attended the rousing meeting of the American Legion held at the courthouse at 8 o'clock Tuesday night. Inspired by the national convention recently held in St. Louis, Lee Daniel, acting chairman of the post, opened the meeting with a short talk in which he gave a clear idea of the principles of the legion, showing that its ideas were non-political and non-sectarian, but.. Full story »
After the armistice on November 11, 1918, communities across the United States waited anxiously for the return of local National Guard units mustered into service to fight overseas. Tulsa was no exception. While Tulsa soldiers served in many units in World War I, Tulsa County had a particular attachment to Company D, 2nd Battalion, 111th Engineer Regiment, 36th Division, since the company was formed from Tulsa County volunteers, and known as the "Tulsa Engineers." Company.. Full story »
The American Legion National Executive Committee issued a charter on June 18, 1919 to Joe Carson Post 1. Eleven legionnaires (ten men and one woman) signed the charter. The "charter" members were: William L. Eagleton H. D. Labbe Harry L. S. Halley Horace H. Hagan C. A. Border Roland M. Broach C. C. McCrary L. J. Mangan Sarah F. McLane N. A. Thompson Albert Golden All of these Legionnaires served Post 1 and the community in various capacities for many years. Many of them will appear frequently in this timeline. For example, Horace Hagan, our first Commander, went on to.. Full story »
Joe Carson American Legion Post 1 coordinated Tulsa's first "Remembrance Day"--what would come to be known first as Armistice Day, and then Veteran's Day--on Tuesday, November 11, 1919. The Tulsa World reported the celebration in Tulsa. Here is their sequence of events: At 4:00 a.m. "the entire populace [of Tulsa] was aroused from slumber. . .by the blowing of factory whistles, ringing of bells, and discharge of firearms." The paper reported this duplicated the events (noise and all) that occurred at 4:00 a.m. on November 11, 1918 when news of the Armistice was announced in Tulsa. The noise lasted for.. Full story »
Joe Carson Post 1 members interested in the "La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux" more commonly called the "Forty and Eight" applied for and were approved as local Voiture 185 on 21 February 1922. An article in the November 22, 1922 Tulsa World about Voiture 185 described the Forty and Eight as "a national organization of legionnaires who have performed meritorious service for the legion and are active in its behalf." The article also observed that the Forty and Eight served as "the playground of the legion." In contrast to the American Legion, which could set a serious.. Full story »
On March 29, 1925 the American Legion Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary was chartered at what was then known as the Joe Carson Post of The American Legion. The Charter Membership Roll contains the signatures of 31 women, headed by our first president, Ruth Wilson Hurley. Our Unit has proudly served the community since before it was chartered, and we call ourselves Unit 1. When Post 1 built a new home at what is now 1120 East 8th Street here in Tulsa, the Legionnaires, City and Waite Phillips recognized the importance of the American Legion Auxiliary by setting aside.. Full story »
Since 1927, the Post 1 American Legion family has occupied the same facility (originally called the "Hut") at 1120 East 8th Street. The plaque commemorating the dedication of our facility on May 14, 1927 hangs in our foyer to this day. The story behind the construction and dedication of our facility reflects the solid commitment of the people of Tulsa to the future welfare of its veterans; the generosity of Waite Phillips, a prominent Tulsa.. Full story »